Mining tutorials

A series of minerstat mining tutorials from our Medium blog that will guide you through our most popular features.

#1 How to start

When we designed the new version of minerstat we wanted to make everything as simple as possible for mining managers who need to manage a large number of rigs and want to do it as fast as possible and with total control over any aspect of the mining p... Read more →

#2 Overclock with ClockTune™

Besides workers, config editor, and address editor, the most used feature of minerstat is overclocking with ClockTune. We tried to design overclocking in a way that every miner will get the most out of it and that it will be able to be applied as quic... Read more →

#3 Alerts and triggers

To stay aware of what is going on with your mining rigs, minerstat offers you several alerting options and custom triggers. Both are account-wide and are taken into consideration for each worker separately. Read more →

#4 Profit switch and mining calculator

When we decided to implement profit switching we were wondering which approach could we take. Since we are monitoring and management software, we don’t own any pools and don’t have a simple, straightforward way to compare few values and decide reg... Read more →

#5 Team and customers

This tutorial will come in handy for all mining managers that are managing rigs for their clients, investors, for smaller or larger teams, or for those that are sharing the accounts. To have a better overview and to be more organized with your team me... Read more →

#7 Statistics and data exporting

One of the things that are important to some people but entirely uninteresting to others is historical data and statistics. We believe that professional miners and mining managers will find statistics useful and will need detailed data for their busin... Read more →

#8 Profit switch with Zergpool

After our existing clients and early access users tested our profit switch function, we have received multiple wishes to add support for multialgo auto-exchange pools. We have already implemented a profit switch function that works on coins and NiceHa... Read more →

#9 How to organize and use groups

When adding a new worker to the minerstat dashboard, the worker is automatically assigned to two groups denoted by the worker’s type and system. These two groups are required for minerstat to faster distinguish which type of worker and system yo... Read more →

#10 Profit switch with Mining Pool Hub

One of the most wanted pools was definitely Mining Pool Hub which allows you to auto-exchange mined coins to any currency. For easier interpretation their API displays rewards in BTC, that’s why we show you the reward in BTC on the minerstat das... Read more →

#11 Billing and payments

When we designed our billing plans and system we have tried to keep all kinds of miners in mind. That’s why we offer different things in different packages with possible discounts and fair upgrading. Read more →

#12 Profit switch with Block Masters

Block Masters is multialgo, multicoin, autoexchange pool that doesn’t require registration and offers more than 20 algorithms. Although, the payouts can be issued in different cryptocurrencies, our profit switch implementation will select the pa... Read more →

#13 Worker configuration

One of the things that are different about minerstat is a unique approach to worker configuration. When we designed it, our goal was to make a system that is: easy to use, easy to apply to multiple workers and/or groups, easy and quick to apply change... Read more →

#14 Control room

As we are working closely with mining managers, we listen to their struggles from the field. One of the key elements when running a crypto mining farm is taking care of a proper room cooling and identifying exactly where the heat is problematic since ... Read more →

#15 Scheduler

One of the latest tools we added to minerstat is scheduler. Like the name itself tells, scheduler allows you to schedule your mining operation. Read more →

#16 Profit switch with NiceHash

A lot of miners aren’t aware that you can also mine at NiceHash with other mining software instead of NiceHash Miner or Excavator. Well, you can. Read more →

#17 Locator and bulk imports

With more and more ASIC farms joining minerstat, we decided to implement a new feature that will make the process of adding workers to your minerstat dashboard easier and faster. The new software is called Locator and in this tutorial, we will guide y... Read more →

#18 Profit switch for ASICs

In the core, profit switching for ASIC is exactly the same as all the other profit switching procedures. The only difference is, that there aren’t so many different options as ASICs usually mine only one or few algorithms and that you need to be a l... Read more →

#19 Profit switch with Mining-Dutch

In this tutorial, we will show you how to set up profit switch for mining on multi-algo pool called Mining-Dutch. Mining-Dutch is a pools service that supports a wide-range of coins and algorithms. Read more →

#20 Antminer monitoring

In this tutorial, we will focus only on Bitmain’s Antminer and show you the best way to set up Antminer monitoring. First, you will see how can you set up Antminer monitoring for one ASIC and later how to use minerstat’s tools to bulk inst... Read more →

#21 24h logs and diagnostic

We have introduced 24h logs and diagnostic pages for the purpose of easier controlling and monitoring of your mining machines. Both features give you a better outlook on your mining operation and help you identify the possible issues with machines its... Read more →

#23 Innosilicon monitoring

In the last days, we were focused on adding more ASIC support and expanding our ASIC Hub software which already worked with Antminers flawlessly. The next manufacturer we selected was Innosilicon and in this tutorial, we will show you how to set up mi... Read more →

#24 Profit switch with icemining

This time, we will show you how to set up profit switch on icemining. icemining supports various algorithms: BCD, Lyra2z, X16R, Scrypt, Skein, X22i, C22s, Allium, Phi2, X16s, Argon2AD, HMQ1725, Merit, Cuckoo, X11, and Renesis. Read more →

#25 Profit switch with zpool

In this tutorial, we will show you how to set up profit switch for mining on a multi-algo pool with more than 50 algorithms - zpool.The tutorial will guide you through: What you need for profit switch on zpool; What is profit switch; How to set up add... Read more →

#26 Profit switch with NLPool

In this tutorial, we will show you how to set up profit switch for mining on multi-algo pool called NLPool.In this tutorial we will show: What you need for profit switch on NLPOOL; What is profit switch; How to set up address editor; How to configure ... Read more →

#27 Baikal monitoring

In the previous tutorials, we have already shown you how to set up ASIC Hub for Antminer monitoring and for Innosilicon monitoring. In this post, you will learn everything you need to set up Baikal monitoring. Read more →

#28 How to replace mining client?

When a new algorithm enters the crypto mining space, there is always a lot of curiosity, interest, and dynamics connected to it. Miners want to test it out while mining client developers work days and nights to assure that the best possible version fo... Read more →

#29 Spondoolies monitoring

One of the latest ASIC manufacturers that is now fully supported on ASIC Hub is the Spondoolies. We currently offer support for the following Spondoolies models: Spondoolies SPX36 for X11 mining. Read more →

#30 Dayun monitoring

Another manufacturer between ASICs is Dayun. In this tutorial, we will show you how to monitor your Dayun ASIC. Read more →

#31 Benchmark

Benchmark is a new tool introduced by minerstat just recently and it is already amongst the most used tools on the dashboard. Benchmark is something that needs to be both, simple and complex. Read more →

#32 Custom mining clients

Before introducing this new feature to all of the minerstat users, implementation of the custom miner required you to write to us and request a custom miner, which we would then implement and prepare for your usage. From now on, you are able to implem... Read more →

#33 Profit switch with Nanopool

Nanopool profit switch tutorial is the next on the list of our profit switch mining tutorials. We will show you how to switch between 4 currently popular coins. Read more →

#34 Profit switch with BSOD

In this tutorial, we will show you how to set up a profit switch on BSOD pool. BSOD. Read more →

#35 Add workers in bulk

We have already shown how to use Locator to add ASICs to your minerstat dashboard in bulk. However, our bulk-adding option is not only available for ASICs and importing workers from other systems. Read more →

#36 Mining Rig Rentals

A lot of our customers are renting their rigs or ASICs on a popular renting platform Mining Rig Rentals. We have now step together and found a way to improve your experience when using both of our services. Read more →

#37 Profit switch with F2Pool

One of our latest pool partners is F2Pool, which is known as one of the largest BTC pools with support for dozens of other popular coins (LTC, ETH XMR, GRIN, and more), including different merged mining options.F2Pool was founded in 2013 and has mined... Read more →

#38 ASIC profit switch with Luxor

One of our latest pool partners is Luxor - a pool that supports multiple different coins and offers a special service called Catalyst, which allows you auto-conversion of the mined coins to Bitcoin. Since the majority of coins are for mining with ASIC... Read more →

#39 Profit switch with Blackminer F1 FPGAs

There was a lot of talking about Blackminer FPGAs in these past weeks and we got many inquiries and questions if this miner is supported with minerstat and if it also allows profit switching. The answers are yes and yes: we support Blackminer FPGAs fr... Read more →

#40 Termius for SSH connection

Termius is an SSH client that can be used on various different devices: Windows, macOS, Linux, and even on iOS and Android. This is the main reason why we recommend it as a client for accessing your mining machines via SSH. Read more →

#41 Profit switch with Suprnova

Suprnova is one of the older and more known pools that offers mining pools for different cryptocurrencies. The fee for mining on Suprnova pools is 1% and the payment method is PPLNS. Read more →

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