ASIC Hub was installed but worker is still offline

If a worker doesn't come online after few minutes or after a reboot of the ASIC, there might be something wrong with the installation. Some possible issues:

  • You are using unofficial firmware that is preventing sending data to minerstat. In this case, first, install official firmware and then re-install the ASIC Hub.
  • You have used some other monitoring tool which hasn't been uninstalled correctly. In this case, try to install the other software back on and uninstall it by following the instructions they provided. Re-install the ASIC Hub.
  • You installed ASIC Hub on an ASIC that we don't officially support (list of supported hardware). In this case, contact us and our team will work with you to add support for your ASIC.
  • Re-check if you have entered correct access key and worker's name - they are case sensitive and worker's name is always saved in uppercase.