What are my ASIC's SSH credentials?

Each ASIC machine has its own SSH credentials. If you did not change them at any point, one of the following will probably be available for you to use. To establish a SSH (secure shell) access you will need a special software that allows it - one such free software for Windows is PuTTY. For other systems, you can use Termius.

When you download SSH client, connect to the local IP address of your ASIC (you can use the default port 22). If you are not sure what the IP of your ASIC is, read how you can find your ASIC's IP. SSH client will ask you for your SSH username and password. When you enter them, you will be successfully logined to your ASIC through SSH.

Antminer root/admin
Innosilicon root/innot1t2
Dayun root/envision
Baikal admin/root
Spondoolies root/root
HyperBIt root/bwcon

Please note that SSH login is not the same as web login, so if you didn't change your credentials, try using the default options.

Credentials denied

In case you are unable to login via SSH with provided credentials, it might be that your firmware version doesn't allow SSH access to the access. In the middle of 2019 most of ASIC firmware providers started to lock up SSH access in order to ensure higher security. In this case, you can still monitor your ASIC with minerstat, but using ASIC Hub.

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