Which Antminer firmware is supported?

ASIC Hub works well with most of the custom firmware software and doesn't interrupt with the performance of the firmware. This means that you can use minerstat monitoring and management services with other software upgrades as well. ASIC Hub in not a standalone firmware, just monitoring and management software.

The following firmware are supported:

  • Braiins OS,
  • Braiins OS+ read-only,
  • Mskminer firmware,
  • Vnish firmware,
  • Z9 @smartass111,
  • L3+ Blissz,
  • D3 Blissz,
  • S9 staiki,
  • Z11, Z11e, Z11j, Z9, Z9-Mini Fuddware by efudd,
  • T17, S17, B7, S9k, Z11 by chipless,
  • AwesomeMiner firmware.

If you experience any issues with a certain firmware, let us know, so we can additional support for it.

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