Can I configure each GPU separately?

1. Config

In config section you can set up config only for the whole rig at once. If mining client allows you to set up any config or parameter separately for each GPU, then you can do it in advanced config section.

We don't support GPU mining with two different mining clients at the same time (for example, first 3 GPUs mining with Claymore and next 3 GPUs mining with Phoenix). But we do support CPU mining, dual mining, and merged mining.

2. ClockTune

Overclocking with ClockTune can be set for each GPU separately by clicking the button "Advanced". Instead of sliders, you will have an option to enter the values in the input field with space as a separator between different values.

For example, if you enter 80 100 90 for fans, this means that fans on first GPU #0 will be set at 80%, fans at second GPU #1 will be set to 100%, and fans on third GPU #2 will be set to 90%. If you enter just 100, all fans will be set to 100%.