What is discovery tool?

Discovery tool is a new minerstat tool that is available on the workers' list page and will help you discover your msOS rigs in the local network with unchanged config.js file or minerstat applications installed on your Windows rigs. You can use it in different situations:

  1. msOS: If you aren't able to edit your config.js file, you can just boot the rig up and use the discovery tool to add worker to the dashboard without manually editing config.js or calling mworker command. You can rename worker once it is up and running.
  2. msOS: If you have many rigs and don't want to waste time editing each config.js separately, you can just boot the rigs up and use the discovery tool to add workers to the dashboard. You can rename workers once they are up and running.
  3. Linux: If you have many rigs and don't want to waste time adding workers to dashboard and then logging in to each one separately, you can just install software on the machines and use the discovery tool to add workers to the dashboard.

The tool is currently available only for msOS and Windows rigs and you need to be logged in to the minerstat dashboard from the same local network as where your worker is. If you don't have a computer at your location, you can also use mobile phone as our dashboard is fully responsive and the tool will work from mobile too.

When can you use discovery tool?

Both of these requirements must be met in order for discovery tool to work:

  1. msOS: The config.js file must have unchanged values (access key and worker name are both CHANGEME).
  2. Windows: minerstat for Windows application must be installed on the Windows machine.
  3. msOS or Windows: The computer on which you are opening the dashboard must be in the same local network.

How to use discovery tool?

You can use discovery tool only for msOS rigs that weren't added to your dashboard yet and for which you didn't change the config.js file. Let's say that you have flashed new version of msOS on your SSD and Windows doesn't allow you to change config.js file. You can unplug the SSD and plug it to your rig. Instead of waiting by the rig with keyboard and screen, go to minerstat dashboard and click on [Discover new workers].

minerstat: Discovery Tool - Screen 1

A new screen will pop up and if you are in the same local network, you can click on [Start scanning].

minerstat: Discovery Tool - Screen 2

Discovery tool will scan your network for msOS rigs that aren't assigned to the dashboard yet and you will be able to add them one by one to your dashboard.

minerstat: Discovery Tool - Screen 3

Once you click [Add], you can receive two outcomes:

  • Added: The worker was successfully added to the dashboard. The screen in the background will refresh and your worker will be online within few seconds.
  • Failed: There was something wrong. You can click on the [Failed] status to try again or scan the network again to get the latest state.

minerstat: Discovery Tool - Screen 4

What to do if nothing is found?

If Discovery tool didn't find any workers, then you will need to add new worker manually by clicking on the button [Add new worker]. Once you do, you can update the access key and worker name on the rig by entering mworker accesskey workername command.

Why discovery tool doesn't work for ASICs?

We have currently added this tool only for msOS and Windows rigs, but we are planning to extend it to ASICs as well if this will be possible.

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