How to rename worker?

You can change your worker's name directly from your workers' list by clicking on the edit (pencil) icon.

Worker edit

You must not forget to update your mining software with new name as well. Hence, we suggest following these steps when changing the worker name.

Worker edit - Pop up

msOS mining OS

If you rename msOS rig, it will automatically update your config.js on the rig, if the rig is running. If it is not, you will need to rename it manually.

  1. Login to the worker's console.
  2. Enter mstop to the console.
  3. Rename your worker on the dashboard.
  4. Enter mworker ACCESS_KEY WORKER_NAME to the console where ACCESS_KEY should be replaced with your access key and WORKER_NAME should be replaced with your new worker's name.
  5. Enter mstart to the console.

Windows mining software

  1. Logout from the Windows Node.
  2. Rename your worker on the dashboard.
  3. Login to the Windows Node with access key and new worker's name.


ASIC Hub monitors groups and not worker's name, so all you need to do is rename your worker on the dashboard. - A new hashrate proxy service by minerstat

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