What are permissions for different roles?

There are six different kinds of permissions and roles available:

  • Admin: There is only one admin account - the user that created minerstat account. Account owner has access to all parts of the minerstat dashboard and account.
  • Partner: Partner account has the same level of rights as admin.
  • Manager: Manager account has access to every part of the account except for billing and invoices. They can change configurations, different settings, and switch to customers' accounts. They can't create new user accounts.
  • Technical: Technical account has access to workers, control room, different settings, but they can't change wallets and pools addresses, control or check public profile, monitor the estimated earnings, and create new user accounts.
  • Accounting: Accounting has access to billing, invoices, dashboard, and statistics. They can't change or update anything on the account with exception to placing an order.
  • Guest: Guest account has access only to the workers list and statistics and can't change or update anything on the account.
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