Is minerstat a virus? Why is my antivirus warning me?

Most of the mining software is detected as harmful by any antivirus software, especially CPU mining software. In the past, there were cases of people using such software with malicious and at times harmful intentions, so the warning the antivirus gives you is good - even if it is a false positive.

Antivirus displayed a warning, what to do?

Disclaimer Minerstat application is just a monitoring and management application that communicates between the rig and minerstat dashboard and is not a mining application. While our software is not harmful, it's signed, and we can guarantee for it, we cannot guarantee for mining clients that are used for mining - they are usually closed sourced, but you do need them in order to mine.

If your antivirus is flagging minerstat installer or installed version, and your intent is to use the software, whitelist the installation folder and make sure you're using official release available from our website.

For mining, different mining clients are downloaded and used - Phoenix, XMRIG, TeamRedMiner, etc. These mining clients are usually the ones that get flagged by antivirus. Mining clients are not available in the first download of the application. They get downloaded when you select them and set them in the dashboard. For first run, Phoenix miner gets downloaded unless you configure a different mining client before your first login to minerstat application for Windows.

Security practices

We strongly suggest that you don't mine with personal computer, or in a home, non-secure or non-isolated network.

For more tips on how to secure your mining operations, take a look at this article

Whitelisting the minerstat folder

The only solution available in such cases where your system is not letting you mine due to antivirus or firewall flagging the mining client is to add exclusion to the antivirus and firewall or to disable them.


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