How to use SSD Flasher tool?

SSD Flasher tool is a free software that allows you faster flashing of msOS to your rigs. You can use SSD Flasher to reflash:

  • Existing msOS rigs;
  • Rigs with other mining OS distros;
  • Rigs with empty drives;
  • Pre-built rigs;
  • Rigs that have drives placed in placed that can be hardly accessible.

The idea behind SSD Flasher is to quickly flash msOS images on multiple rigs. You can use one SSD Flasher and flash the same image on multiple rigs within few minutes.

What do you need?

  • USB 3.0 with at least 16 GB capacity
  • SSD Flasher image
  • msOS image that you want to flash to your rigs
  • Rigs that already have their own drives - SSD, HDD, or USB drives

How to use it?

1. Download SSD Flasher

Download the SSD Flasher and flash the image with Etcher to a free USB like you would flash any other msOS image.

2. Download msOS image

Download msOS image that you would like to flash to your rigs, copy/paste the .zip file to the root folder of the freshly flashed USB. You can find all msOS versions here.

3. Plug USB to rig

Plug the USB to your rig and wait for USB Flasher to flash msOS image to your secondary SSD or HDD.

If you are using a rig that doesn’t run on msOS or if some issues arise you might need to confirm the flashing process by pressing [Enter] before the flashing process starts.

This step can be repeated for as many rigs as you like.

4. Discover workers

Your worker will start with default config.js files. You can quickly load all workers in the local network by using discovery tool.

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