SSD Flasher

Free software for faster msOS flashing. You can use SSD Flasher to reflash:

Download SSD Flasher
Welcome to minerstat Flashing Utiliy!

---- COMMANDS -------
Flash: flash
Reboot: mreboot
Shutdown: mshutdown
Quit: Ctrl + C
CACHE has no value [Set to 1]
AUTODL has no value [Set to 1]
AUTOSELECT has no value [Set to 1]
BEEP has no value [Set to 1]
REBOOT has no value [Set to 0]
[INFO] Flashing finished. Validate with upper logs.

Download SSD Flasher

Download the SSD Flasher and flash the image with Etcher to a free USB like you would flash any other msOS image.

Download msOS image

Download msOS image that you would like to flash to your rigs and copy/paste the .zip file to the root folder of the freshly flashed USB.

You can find all msOS versions here.

Plug USB to rig and boot

Plug the USB to your rig and wait for USB Flasher to flash msOS image to your secondary SSD or HDD. You can repeat this step for as many rigs as you like.

Find more detailed instructions here.