msOS doesn't find GPUs

msOS will always show the GPUs that are detected by the driver - so if driver isn't detecting GPU, then msOS won't detect them either. You can do several different checks to improve detection.

First and foremost, create and check diagnostic report, which will show you if you have booted in UEFI and if you have internal GPU disabled. Then check if you are running viable msOS version for your mining setup. You can find all msOS versions and compatibility instructions in our archive.

Next, check if your rig applies for any of the following points:

  1. If the data in your hardware table is mixed up and showing wrong numbers for wong GPUs, you need to disable internal GPU first (you can do that in BIOS).
  2. If the data in your hardware table is missing, you need to boot the rig in UEFI (you can change this in BIOS)
  3. If you have monitor plugged to the GPU, plug it out and try again. If you only have 1 GPU in the system, make sure it is using X16 slot on the motherboard.

If nothing of these settings fix your issues, double check risers, cables, and connections as these are usually the reason why GPU isn't getting detected.

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