msOS doesn't boot

If msOS doesn't boot after 2 minutes of waiting, then there was something wrong with the initial process.

Basic check-ups

It is good to do the following:

  • Check if you are usign correct access key and worker name - if you see CHANGEME anywhere on the screen, then msOS isn't connected with your access key and worker name yet. You can also mworker accesskey workername to update it.
  • If you used some other mining OS on this same rig, try to plug the USB to another port. Sometimes rig will cache old settings that prevent msOS to boot correctly and putting the USB to other USB port fixes this.
  • Make sure you have access to the internet.
  • Check if you have used correct msOS version regarding the cards you are using (you can find the versions on the msOS page).


If all of these things are good and OK, we suggest to also do the following:

  • Switch between UEFI and LEGACY boot loaders to see which one is better for your motherboard.
  • Switch between enabling and disabling 4G decoding to see which one is better for your motherboard.
  • Disable Internal Graphics.
  • Set PCI Link Speed GEN2.


If you are using msOS v1.1, you have to enable Legacy USB / CSM in your BIOS.

If you are using newer msOS version and getting initramfs error, this indicates a bad flash. We suggest to do the following:

  • Flash msOS image to another USB or SSD. You can restore the USB to initial state with this tutorial.
  • Change USB port.


If you still couldn't get msOS to boot, contact us and our tech team will help you out. You can find us on live chat on the minerstat dashboard or on our Discord channel.

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