Windows node is showing errors or miner is crashing

There are different issues that can cause such behavior. Windows node will show you where the problem might lies. Some possible solutions:

  • Whitelist minerstat folder on your antivirus, firmware, and Windows defender.
  • Disable antivirus, firmware, and Windows Defender.
  • Close Windows node and delete Daemon.exe. When you open Windows node again, all important files will be re-downloaded in case your antivirus, firmware, or Windows Defender deleted them.
  • If displayed lines indicate that there are problems with ClockTune, ease the overclock settings a little bit until the rig shows online. You can fine-tune it when it is successfully running and mining.
  • If you use a portable version of Windows node it might happen that some important files are missing on your Windows rig. Try downloading the installer, which will also install the important files.
  • Double-check if you have entered correct access key and worker's name (they are case-sensitive).
  • Check if you have Afterburner 4.5 installed (and not some newer Beta version).