Windows mining

Looking at different trends graphs, one can clearly see that Windows mining was always a little bit more popular than Linux mining. This is probably due to the fact that Windows as an operating system is more popular for home and business use and that there are a lot of GUI Windows miners available which users often find easier to use. Since the introduction of dedicated crypto mining OS, Linux is slowly gaining popularity, but for a lot of users, Windows is still a more comfortable choice.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Windows mining on minerstat.

Installation process

To install the Windows node on your computer you will need to have installed Windows and redistributable packages for Visual Studio 2015 and Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 - if you use the installer the required packages will be installed as well.

  1. Download the Windows Node.
  2. Install the Windows node.
  3. Run minerstat.exe.
  4. Log in with your access key and worker's name.
  5. Click Start mining.

After the set up is complete you will start mining to demo Ethereum Classic donation address.

The next step is to update your mining configuration.

  1. Save pools and wallets in address editor.
  2. Configure your worker by selecting default mining client and editing its configuration.

In case mining can't start, make sure that your antivirus or firewall didn't deleted some important files or block minerstat application. If this is the case, you can delete daemon.exe and run the minerstat.exe again. This will re-download everything you need for running Windows node.


For running Windows minig software, you will need a Windows license.

Windows mining hardware

Make sure that you are using GPUs that are on the list of supported hardware.

Windows mining software

All Windows mining software that is offered by minerstat is packed into a GUI miner called Windows node. Here is a list of all miners we support:

  • bminer
  • bzminer
  • cast-xmr
  • ccminer-alexis
  • ccminer-djm34
  • ccminer-krnlx
  • ccminer-tpruvot
  • ccminer-x16r
  • claymore-eth
  • claymore-neoscrypt
  • claymore-xmr
  • claymore-zec
  • cpuminer-opt
  • cryptodredge
  • ethminer
  • ewbf-zec
  • ewbf-zhash
  • gatelessgate
  • lolminer
  • mkxminer
  • optiminer-zec
  • phoenix-eth
  • progpowminer
  • sgminer-gm
  • sgminer-pasc
  • srbminer
  • srbminer-multi
  • srbminer-multi-cpu
  • teamblackminer
  • teamredminer
  • trex
  • wildrig-multi
  • xmr-stak
  • xmr-stak-cpu
  • xmrig
  • xmrig-amd
  • xmrig-nvidia
  • z-enemy
  • zm-zec
  • gminer
  • gminer-amd
  • miniz
  • serominer
  • nbminer
  • nbminer-amd
  • nanominer
  • nanominer-amd
  • ttminer
  • kawpowminer
  • nsfminer
  • rigel
  • onezerominer

The whole list of mining software and their versions can be found here.

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