Merged mining

While dual mining uses some hashing power to mine ETH and one second, dual coin, the merged mining mines at two blockchains with the same hashing power at the same time. And while dual mining mines at two different algorithms (Ethash and another), merged mining is possible only within the same algorithm.

It is important to know that merged mining is supported only on pools and for coins that support merged mining.

Direct merged mining

To set up direct meged mining, you will need to find the pools and coins that support it. The set up of merged mining will be similar to regular mining setup, but you will probably identify with your username instead of wallet address.

Merged mining in profit switch

When you are setting up profit switch, you can also add merged mining option. Merged mining coins will be selected only if this is the most profitable options between everything you have set up. To enable merged mining for profit switch, you need to:

  1. Add merged mining options to the list of coins between which the software will switch;
  2. Set up the hashrates your merged mining coins reach;
  3. Set up other settings for profit switch and save changes.

Merged mining coins you can add on profit switch on minerstat:


If we are missing some popular combinations, contact us and we will add it.

Getting started