What happens if there is no internet connection to the msOS rig?

It depends on how mining client developer handled such situation.

Usually, the mining client will drop the connection from the pool, stop mining, and then trying to reconnect. Pool sends the problem that needs to be solved and the hardware solves the problem and sends back the solution - if there is no internet connection pool cannot send the problem and hardware cannot send the solution.

Internet check

To check your internet connection use command netcheck - it will show you to which endpoints you have the access and to which you don't. If you can't reach any of the endpoints, there is some general internet connection issue going on.


  1. Check if your rig uses IP - if it does, this means that your router couldn't assign the IP to you. In this case, you will need to check your router settings.
  2. If your router did assign you the IP and you still can't reach minerstat endpoints, then there is some issue with your DNS and you will need to check if there is some blockage with your ISP.
  3. Try to use command mworker accesskey workername where accesskey is your access key and workername is your worker's name. This will refresh your host file. After that write dhcp to refresh the dhcp connection as well.
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