How to access logs on msOS mining OS?

The log files on msOS can be found in the /dev/shm/miner.log folder. You can access and read them by accessing the console or download them via SFTP. If you decide for the latter, we suggest using Filezilla.

Note You can access msOS remotely only through the local network. If you want to access it from remote network, you will need to use the dashboard's remote console feature.


Follow the next steps:

  1. Download Filezilla.
  2. Install it and open it.
  3. Open Site Manager.
  4. Create new site - you can name it as you like, for example, your rig's name.
    1. Protocol: SFTP
    2. Host: Your rig's local IP
    3. Connection: Regular
    4. Username: minerstat
    5. Password: msos
  5. Connect to the server.

Once you are connected navigate to path /dev/shm and you will be able to download miner.log to your personal computer.