How to define custom revA parameters for ETHpill?

To control ETHpill on msOS you can use mpill command which will toggle on and off the usage of ETHlargement pill. However, if you are using mixed Nvidia generation cards, you might need to define custom revA parameters for it.

  1. First stop your mining with mstop
  2. Then navigate to your settings file with sudo nano /media/storage/settings.txt
  3. The settings file will open and you can add custom parameters for OHGODARGS, for example OHGODARGS="--revA 0,2,4"
  4. Press CTRL + X to exit and then Y to confirm that you want to save changes before exiting
  5. Use mreboot to reboot the rig

The content of setting file should look like this

# ==== OHGODATOOL ====

# EXTRA START ARGS e.g: --revA 0,1,2,3
OHGODARGS="--revA 0,2,4"

# Start delay in seconds
# If you want to disable Ethpill set delay to: 999

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