What are the main benefits of upgrading to a paying plan with only one worker?

Since free plan can use up to one worker with limited features, a lot of miners ask what are the benefits to upgrading to a paying account with only one worker. Most of the features that are available will be more useful to those with larger number of workers, but miners with one worker can benefit having a paying account as well. Here is a list of features that you might find useful.


Triggers can help you solve different situations and improve your rig's overall performance. Here are few useful examples:

  • If GPU temperature is higher than 80°C, then stop mining;
  • If worker is inactive, then reboot the machine;
  • If hashrate drops for 30%, then reboot the machine;
  • If number of rejcted shares is larger than 50, then restart mining client.
  • If time is 20:00, then stop mining;
  • And so on.

Learn more about triggers


Instead of only e-mail alerts, you can also get Telegram alerts and mobile alerts (mobile alerts are temporarily disabled, but are coming back with the release of new mobile app). You will also have all alerting settings available, which are not available on a free plan.

Offline time

Your worker will get outage compensation for the subscription if it is offline and it won't get deleted after 6 days of inactivity.

Learn more about Outage compensation

Longer historical data

Paying customer can access up to 14 days of historical data while free accounts have access to only 6 days of historical data.

IP authorization check

If anyone tries to access your account from unknown IP, you need to manually authorize the access via your e-mail.


Define a special mining settings that are being used only one part of the day either every day or specific days in a week.

Learn more about Scheduler

Changelog alerts

You can subscribe to changelog alerts and receive e-mail, Telegram notification, or mobile app notification (mobile alerts are temporarily disabled, but are coming back with the release of new mobile app) about changes on minerstat software and services.

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