msOS booted but it doesn't mine

If msOS is successfully booted and running, but it is not mining the possible issues are only two: your worker's configs are broken and/or you need to adjust overclocks and make it more intense slowly. Open the worker's config and examine what you have entered. Possible solutions:

  • Check if your mining client requires to define algorithm parameter - you can find the parameter value on mining client's Bitcointalk or official website.
  • Check if you have entered correct pool and wallet. Some pools (such as Mining Pool Hub or Suprnova) require USERNAME as a wallet and not the actual wallet address.
  • Make sure you didn't replace (WORKER) with your worker's name left the brackets and tag around it. (WORKER) tag is used to replace the tag with the worker's name so there is actually no need to enter the worker's name manually. If you don't want to use the tag, remove it and enter the worker's name manually.
  • Ease the overclock settings a little bit until the rig shows online. You can fine-tune it when it is successfully running and mining.