How to prepare your Windows rig for mining?

To start mining with minerstat on Windows, you will need a mining rig that has Windows OS installed and is fully prepared for mining.

All GPUs in the rig must be listed under supported hardware. We don't support and advise against:

  • Mining on personal computers;
  • Mining on laptops;
  • Mining in home networks without separated guest account on router;
  • Mining on shared or public networks;
  • Mining with mixed AMD and Nvidia GPUs.

Environment for mining

Follow these guidies to prepare your mining rig for efficient mining with Windows.

Redistributables and .NET

minerstat application for Windows requires the following software installed on the rig:

  1. Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio;
  2. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 (already included in Windows 10).

The latest version will automatically install all required redistributables.

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