How to dual mine ETH and TON with lolMiner?

In this guide we will show you how to set up dual mining of Ethereum and TON on minerstat. Keep in mind that it is required to have sufficient enough of VRAM on your GPU for such mining to work. You can find current DAG file sizes on our DAG size calculator.

About dual mining In dual mining two coins are mined at the same time at different pools of your choosing. The coins don't have to be of same algorithm, but to be able to dual mine, your mining client needs to support dual mining.

1. Pools

First, open the address editor and add a new tags (POOL:ETH) which will hold ETH stratum address and (POOL:TON) will hold the TON stratum address. In this example, we will use Ethermine and Whalestonpool:

  • ETH: stratum+tcp://
  • TON:

minerstat - lolMiner dual mining ETH+TON - Pools

2. Wallets

In the next step you need to save your wallet addresses to your address editor. Create new tag (WALLET:ETH) under wallets with your ETH wallet address and tag (WALLET:TON) with your TON wallet address.

minerstat - lolMiner dual mining ETH+TON - Wallets

3. Worker's config

Open worker's config and select LOLMINER as a default mining client.

minerstat - lolMiner dual mining ETH+TON

4. LOLMINER config

Make sure you are running the latest version and that your minerstat software is up to date (msOS is automatically updated and for Windows you need to use the latest version). minerstat support both JSON and CLI versions, but latest lolMiner only works with CLI version.

Click on [Advanced] tab and update the mining client's configuration so that it will be defined as:

--algo ETHASH --pool (POOL:ETH)⁣ --user (WALLET:ETH)⁣ --dualmode TONDUAL --dualpool (POOL:TON)⁣ --dualuser (WALLET:TON)⁣ --worker (WORKER)⁣​

minerstat - lolMiner dual mining ETH+TON - Config

Important Keep in mind that lolMiner 1.43 supports only CLI version of config and standard JSON config won't work.
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