What is minerstat?

minerstat is mining monitoring and management software that offers you different monitoring options and software for any device.

minerstat was established in January 2017 and renewed in July 2018.

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Which monitoring and management options are available?

With minerstat you will be able to monitor and manage your workers (each of them can hold up to 16 GPUs) and their status:

  • Mining algorithms/coins and hashrate;
  • GPU temperature;
  • GPU fan speed;
  • Worker's uptime;
  • Daily, weekly, monthly earnings;
  • Detailed global statistics and statistics by each worker and each coin;
  • Detailed balance analysis for different wallet and pool addresses;
  • Alerts and notifications when GPU is too hot, when a worker went offline, and when hashrate or efficiency dropped;
  • Event triggers;
  • Reboot the machine, shut down the machine, and restart the software remotely;
  • Automatic profit switch function that will mine the coin that is most profitable for you (considering your electricity costs, hashrates, and coins you want to mine);
  • Advanced overclock profiling.
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Which monitoring software is available?

You can monitor your workers remotely on:

  • My minerstat dashboard through your browser;
  • Minerstat mobile app that is available for iOS and Android.
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Which hardware is supported?

minerstat supports all modern Nvidia and AMD GPUs, most of Antminer, Baikal, and Dragonmint ASICs.

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Which miners are available?

The list of supported miners for msOS can be found here and the list of supported miners in Windows node can be found here.

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Which coins are supported?

minerstat supports all popular coins and algorithms that are supported by the mining clients. We also support mining on NiceHash stratum servers.

If you are having problems with a coin send us a message and we'll look it up. Please note that for some coins there isn't exchange rate or reward calculation available yet - in this case, you can still normally mine the coin, but the statistics will not show the potential rewards for this coin.

You can find the list of all coins that will show normal mining statistics and are available in the profit switch function on our coins list.

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Do you support mixed cards rigs?

No, we don't support mixed AMD and Nvidia rigs.

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How can I start?

You can start by registering a new account. This will create a new, free plan where you can test the system with up to two workers/rigs. You can upgrade your plan at any time.

To prepare your mining rigs to work, you can follow the steps described in our first minerstat mining tutorial.

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Where can I get access key?

You will get your access key once you register new account. Access key is used to login to the minerstat dashboard and you will need to use it to identify your account in any of the minerstat software. If you forgot the access key, you can always find it in the first e-mail we have send you or by hovering your mouse cursor above your avatar in the top right corner of the dashboard.

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