#12 Profit switch with Block Masters

Block Masters is multialgo, multicoin, autoexchange pool that doesn’t require registration and offers more than 20 algorithms. Although, the payouts can be issued in different cryptocurrencies, our profit switch implementation will select the payout in BTC - which is also guaranteed way to get paid by pool in case the payouts in other cryptocurrencies are delayed. All BTC payouts are automatic and issued every 5 hours for balances above 0.005 BTC and every Sunday for balances above 0.0005 BTC. The fee for mining on Block Masters is 0.25%.

In this tutorial we will show:

  • What you need for profit switch on Block Masters;
  • What is profit switch;
  • How to set up address editor;
  • How to configure profit switch;
  • What is the target;
  • How to include coins;
  • How to set up speeds;
  • How to set up electricity costs;
  • When to switch;
  • How to activate profit switch.

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