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Dedicated software for monitoring and managing of your ASIC machines.

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12 manufacturers
106+ ASICs
3000+ pools
407+ coins

Wide support

Wide support for machines with SSH access and newer machines without SSH access.


Remote access

Set up mining configuration, alerts, and other settings remotely from your minerstat dashboard.

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Complete solution

Monitor and manage your ASICs with a help of unique features, such as profit switch, control room, alerts, and more.

All features


For ASIC machines and firmwares that support SSH access.
For ASIC machines and firmwares that doesn't support SSH access.
Installed directly on ASIC
Installed on a separate computer
Bulk install available from Windows, Linux, and Mac
Only one install required for multiple machines
Config change is followed by a reboot
Config change is applied without a reboot
Requires uninstall from each machine if you don't want to use it anymore
Requires uninstall only from one machine if you don't want to use it anymore

Supported hardware

List of ASICs that are officially supported in the latest version of ASIC Hub. Braiins OS is also supported.

Support for other manufacturers and models

We can add support for other manufacturers and models per request and without any extra costs.
Contact us on Discord or on the live chat through your minerstat dashboard.

Frequently asked questions

Get the answers to the frequently asked questions regarding the ASIC monitoring and management software

Which ASIC monitoring and management features are available with ASIC Hub?

By using ASIC Hub you can monitor all data that is reported by ASIC's API: hashrate, board temperatures, chip temperatures, and fans speeds. Additionally, we will also show efficiency, estimated income, and historical data. The actions you can take on your ASIC are: reboot the machine, shut down the machine, editing pools and wallets, editing parameters available in worker's config (such as frequency), profit switch, and all other unique features that are provided to you on minerstat dashboard.

Can I use ASIC Hub on ASICs with newer firmwares that don't support SSH access?

Yes - for this type of ASICs we have developed ASIC Hub (Non-SSH) that currently works on Antminer, Dayun, Innosilicon (recent models), Obelisk, and Spondoolies ASICs. ASIC Hub (Non-SSH) must be installed on a computer that will run in your local network 24/7 and act as a node between your ASICs machines and your minerstat dashboard.

Which ASIC Hub do you recommend? Regular or Non-SSH?

While regular ASIC Hub might seem easier to install, we recommend to use Non-SSH version whenever it is possible. Non-SSH version allows faster config changes and better profit switch experience (as it doesn't require the whole machine to reboot).

Can I use ASIC Hub for free?

Yes, you can use ASIC Hub for free for 1 worker. If you want to test it with more, contact us and we will arrange a free 10-day testing period for a larger number of workers.

How long would it take to set up monitoring on a medium farm with 1,000 ASICs?

By using the software and tools we offer for bulk deploying and if you have a prepared list of workers and their local IP addresses, it wouldn't take more than 1 hour. We are also always available to help with deploying and first setup of your machines.

Do I need to uninstall ASIC Hub when I decide not to use it anymore?

Yes. We also encourage you to do it before your account expires to allow for uninterrupted mining of your machines. If the ASIC Hub isn't uninstalled when your account expires, the software will stop with the mining as it won't know which worker's config to use. On the other side, you don't have to uninstall ASIC Hub (Non-SSH) as it only runs and monitor through single computer.

Which coins are supported?

We support mining of all coins for algorithms that are available with listed mining clients. For more than 250 coins and 250 multi-algo pools options we are also providing estimated earnings calculations.

Which pools are supported?

We support mining on all pools - our current database includes more than 2,000 different pools and more than 250 multi-algo pools options, including the most popular ones Slush Pool,, Antpool, F2Pool, Poolin, Nanopool, NiceHash, and others.

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