Mining calculator

Beside profitability and balance tracking, minerstat also offers a mining profit calculator. Mining calculator allows you to enter the hashrates you reach on algorithms and generates you a list of coins that are supported by these algorithms, their estimated rewards, costs, and estimated profits. You can also:

  • Filter by GPU mining calculator;
  • Filter by ASIC mining calculator;
  • Enter the electricity costs and power consumption;
  • Change your currency;
  • Name your dataset to save it for the next time;
  • Save different types of datasets that fit your mining establishment;
  • Share the results with your other miners and friends;
  • Find the software that supports a particular coin;
  • Explore the coin details and check historical profitability data.

The estimated reward is calculated regarding the current difficulty of mining, block reward, and the current price of the coin on the market. Data refreshes every 10 minutes.

What makes our mining calculator different from other mining calculators is an ability to directly compare coins with different multi-algo pools, such as NiceHash, Mining Pool Hub, Zpool, Zergpool, Block Masters, and others. We offer coin explorers for more than 80 different algorithms. There is also no advertising on the mining calculator as this tool is intended for minerstat's customers but it can be used by anyone who visits our website.

Where to find the hashrates for GPU mining?

Since there is a lot of algorithms available and we usually know the speeds of only a few algorithms, we have also developed a benchmarking tool that allows you to benchmark all algorithms that are eligible for your worker and then export the results to mining calculator or profit switch. Benchmark is available for everyone for free, you only need to register an account at minerstat and connect with minerstat software. You can benchmark either on Windows or Linux.

We offer a simple benchmark that will use the stratums - a free sandbox pool that allows developers and miners to test and benchmark. There is no reward generated from mining on The other option for benchmarking is advanced benchmarking to custom configs. In this case, the reward of mining goes directly to the wallets you specified in the config template.