How to profit switch between PPS pools?

You can set up a profit switch between coins but with more and more pools rewards that we are adding to our system, you can now also profit switch between different pools that are mining the same coin.

In this article we will guide you through this procedure and show you an example of how this is done. Since PPS pools are more suitable for switching, this example shows PPS pools. You can add other pools, multi-algo pools, and marketplaces to the switching process as well.

Prepare pools' stratum addresses

Like with every profit switch setup, you first need to save your pools' in your address editor.

  • Binance:
  • Ezil:
  • F2Pool:
  • HiveOn:
  • Sparkpool:
  • ViaBTC:

minerstat - PPS profit switching - Pools

Prepare wallets

Depending on what pool requires, you will need your ETH wallet address or username/mining name on that pool.

  • Binance: Mining account name
  • Ezil: ETH and ZIL wallets
  • F2Pool: ETH wallet or username
  • HiveOn: ETH wallet
  • Sparkpool: Username
  • ViaBTC: Username

minerstat - PPS profit switching - Pools

Set up profit switch

Now that you have all addresses ready and saved in your address editor, you can navigate to profit section of your worker.


Make sure that you select correct options as shown in the image.

minerstat - PPS profit switching - Pools

Hashrate and power consumption

Enter the hashrate of your rig.

minerstat - PPS profit switching - Hashrate

Other settings

Lastly enter other settings.

minerstat - PPS profit switching - Settings

Save changes.

Worker's config

Activate profit switch in your worker's config.

minerstat - PPS profit switching - Config

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