How to enable R mode on TeamRedMiner?

TeamRedMiner's R mode was introduced to improve the efficiency of Ethash mining on some AMD GPUs on Linux. The GPUs that are supported are Navi 5000 series, Big Navi 6000 series, Vega 56/64, and Radeon VII. This mode is implemented in msOS and can be used with amdmode command.

  • Use amdmode R command to set up R mode.
  • Use amdmode C command to set up C mode.
  • Use amdmode N command to not use any mode.

Other requirements

  • Mining client version: To run this feature, you need to manually select the version of TeamRedMiner that is greater than 0.10.0. You can select specific mining client version as shown here.
  • Drivers version: You can either (a) use msOS version 1.7.7 or 1.8. or (b) if you are running lower version of msOS, then you can manual update of AMD drivers to 20.40, 21.10, or 21.20.
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