3060 Booster: Increase hashrate of 3060 on Linux with lolMiner

Developers of lolMiner developed an unlock for Nvidia 3060 hashrate on Linux. Ever since Nvidia announced limited hashrate for 3060 series, miners were looking for a way to return the GPU to their actual hashrate. While on Windows some shortcuts are already available, lolMiner developers were first to unlock the hashrate for Linux. The hashrate is not yet to the fullest value, but it can reach up to 38.4 MH/s, which is much better than original 20 MH/s, without using the dummy plugs.

  1. Update drivers to version 460.39. You can do that with command: nvidia-update --install 460.39
  2. Select lolMiner in the worker's config and set up your configuration.
  3. Wait few minutes for it to reach the hashrate. It can start with lower hashrate at first, but it will gradually improve the hashrate to reach 35+ MH/s.
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