Common msOS and Linux commands

Here is a list of most common msOS and Linux commands that you can use through the console.

Note These actions are available only for msOS rigs and can't be applied to Windows Node or ASIC Hub.

Information and monitoring

  • miner Show mining client's screen.
  • agent Show mining client's and agent's screens.
  • mhelp List of all available commands.
  • minfo Return the basic information about the mining OS.
  • mworker Change access key and worker name (e.g. mworker ACCESSKEY WORKERNAME).


  • mrecovery Restore the system to default (all the data and miner configurations will stay the same).
  • netrecovery Restore the system to default (all the data and miner configurations will stay the same), but instead of loading the recovery file from a local path, the global path from minerstat server is used.
  • mupdate Apply latest system updates.
  • opencl Switch between OpenCL versions (amdgpu/rocm).
  • mreconf Simulate first boot: configure DHCP, create a fake dummy for NVIDIA, etc.
  • mlang Set temporary keyboard layout (e.g. mlang de).
  • force-gen2 Force PCIe GEN2.

System updates

  • kernel-update Update kernel.
  • nvidia-update Update Nvidia drivers.
  • amd-update Update AMD drivers.


  • mstart Start/Restart the mining process.
  • mstop Stop the mining process.
  • mreboot Reboot the rig.
  • forcereboot Force reboot the rig (<0.1s).
  • mshutdown Shut down the rig.
  • forceshutdown Force shut down the rig (<0.1s).
  • mclock Apply ClockTune profile to match with your minerstat dashboard settings. Display will show which values are being set.


  • logs Toggle on and off log saving to drive.
  • mgpu List of detected GPUs.
  • mfind Find the GPU by bus ID (e.g., mfind 03.00.0 will set the fans of all GPUs except for GPU with bus ID 03.0.0 to 0% for 5 seconds).
  • mled Toggle Nvidia LED lights on and off.


  • netcheck Check the network connection.
  • mwifi Set up WiFi settings (e.g. mwifi WIFINAME WIFIPASSWORD).
  • static Configure static IP with static connection (e.g. static LOCALIP NETMASK GATEWAY).
  • dhcp Switch to dynamic IP.

Mining settings

  • mpill Toggle ETHLargementPill on and off.
  • hugepages Set custom hugepages for CPU mining.
  • mswap Tool for swap file creation.
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