RXBOOST is a term that is used to name a tool or an approach that handles different memory parameters on AMD RX GPUs. It was first introduced by Claymore in his newest Windows version of Claymore Ethash miner and then implemented by various Linux based mining operation systems.

How to set it up on minerstat?


We already use the latest Claymore's Ethash mining client so everyone using Windows can already benefit this tool just by adding parameters -rxboost 1. If you want to compare performances, you can set up a quick benchmark that will compare all Ethash miners here.


Open your worker's config and use the following configuration on the Claymore's ETH mining client.

-epool (POOL:ETHW) -eworker (WORKER) -ewal (WALLET:ETHW).(WORKER) -epsw x -mode (MODE:SINGLE) -rxboost 1


For msOS mining OS users, we have already implemented AMD Memory Tweak a while ago - you can read a help article about AMD Memory Tweak or a Medium blog post. The RXBOOST feature is controlled with parameter REF. So in order to gain some speed for your RX 4xx/5xx models (1-9%) you can set REF value to about 30 or by calling the command amdmemtool --REF 30 directly from the msOS console. Please note that for Vega cards this setting won't have the same effect.

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