AMD Memory Tweak

AMD Memory Tweak is a new open source tool (amdmemorytweak) introduced by Eliovp and A.Solodovnikov. It is a tool that allows you to change memory timings on the fly - kind of like ETH Pill for AMD. This tool is also Vega friendly.

Our mining OS supports AMD Memory Tweak and can be used through the console or managed from the dashboard. When editing from the dashboard, the values will be saved to the database and then preloaded to the rig on every boot. Values can be reset by clicking on the button Reload.

If you prefer to use the tool from the console, here are some useful commands and parameters.

  • To get current applied values, enter: amdmemtool --current
  • To see help, enter: amdmemtool --help


To gain some speed for your RX 4xx/5xx models (1-9%) you can set REF value to about 30 or by calling the command amdmemtool --REF 30 directly from the msOS console. This settings is also known as so called Claymore's RXBOOST.

HBM2 Example usage

amdmemtool --i 0 --faw 12

GDDR5 Example usage

amdmemtool --i 1,2,4 --RFC 43 --ras2ras 176

HBM2 parameters

  • --i [comma-separated gpu indices]
  • --CL [value]
  • --RAS [value]
  • --RCDRD [value]
  • --RCDWR [value]
  • --RC [value]
  • --RP [value]
  • --RRDS [value]
  • --RRDL [value]
  • --RTP [value]
  • --FAW [value]
  • --CWL [value]
  • --WTRS [value]
  • --WTRL [value]
  • --WR [value]
  • --RREFD [value]
  • --RDRDDD [value]
  • --RDRDSD[value]
  • --RDRDSC[value]
  • --RDRDSCL[value]
  • --WRWRDD [value]
  • --WRWRSD [value]
  • --WRWRSC [value]
  • --WRWRSCL [value]
  • --WRRD [value]
  • --RDWR [value]
  • --REF [value]
  • --MRD [value]
  • --MOD [value]
  • --XS [value]
  • --XSMRS [value]
  • --PD [value]
  • --CKSRE [value]
  • --CKSRX [value]
  • --RFCPB [value]
  • --STAG [value]
  • --XP [value]
  • --CPDED [value]
  • --CKE [value]
  • --RDDATA [value]
  • --WRLAT [value]
  • --RDLAT [value]
  • --WRDATA [value]
  • --CKESTAG [value]
  • --RFC [value]

GDDR5 parameters

  • --i [comma-separated gpu indices]
  • --CKSRE [value]
  • --CKSRX [value]
  • --CKE_PULSE [value]
  • --CKE [value]
  • --SEQ_DLE [value]
  • --CL [value]
  • --W2R [value]
  • --CCDL [value]
  • --R2W [value]
  • --NOPR [value]
  • --NOPW [value]
  • --RCDW [value]
  • --RCDWA [value]
  • --RCDR [value]
  • --RCDRA [value]
  • --RRD [value]
  • --RC [value]
  • --RFC [value]
  • --TRP [value]
  • --RP_WRA [value]
  • --RP_RDA [value]
  • --WDATATR [value]
  • --T32AW [value]
  • --CRCWL [value]
  • --CRCRL [value]
  • --FAW [value]
  • --PA2WDATA [value]
  • --PA2RDATA [value]
  • --RAS [value]
  • --ACTRD [value]
  • --ACTWR [value]
  • --RASMACTRD [value]
  • --RASMACWTR [value]
  • --RAS2RAS [value]
  • --RP [value]
  • --WRPLUSRP [value]
  • --BUS_TURN [value]
  • --REF [value]

You can read more about our dashboard implementation on our Medium blog.

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