How to set up Prohashing mining?

Prohashing is PPS (pay per share) and solo mining pool for mining different cryptocurrencies. It supports mining of various algorithms, such as Scrypt, SHA-256, X11, NeoScrypt, Ethash, Equihash, CryptoNightR, and Lyra2REv3. The fee for mining on Prohashing is 1.99% for solo or PPLNS mining and 3.99% for PPS mining.

Did you know? Prohashing also allows you to mine a coin directly by defining c=COIN as a password parameter in your worker's configuration. Do note that the earnings when mining a specific coin will in most cases be lower than keeping the pool to select the most profitable coin to mine. 

minerstat dashboard

To set up mining at Prohashing on your minerstat dashboard follow the next steps.

Address editor

First, open address editor and add new tag (POOL:LYRA-PROHASHING) with the following stratum addresses:

  • stratum+tcp:// for Lyra2REv3

For other algorithms, you can use the following stratums and ports:

  • stratum+tcp:// for CryptoNightR
  • stratum+tcp:// for Equihash
  • stratum+tcp:// for Equihash(144,5)
  • stratum+tcp:// for Equihash(125,4)
  • stratum+tcp:// for Ethash
  • stratum+tcp:// for Lyra2REv2
  • stratum+tcp:// for Lyra2REv3
  • stratum+tcp:// for NeoScrypt
  • stratum+tcp:// for Qubit
  • stratum+tcp:// for Scrypt
  • stratum+tcp:// for SHA-256
  • stratum+tcp:// for Skein
  • stratum+tcp:// for X11
  • stratum+tcp:// for X13
  • stratum+tcp:// for X16Rv2
  • stratum+tcp:// for X17

Next, save the tag (WALLET:PROHASHING) with your Prohashing's username. It is very important to note that when mining on Prohashing, you need to identify with username.workername where your username can be saved as (WALLET:PROHASHING) in your address editor and instead of fixed workername, you can use (WORKER) tag - but make sure that your worker has the same name on Prohashing and minerstat.

Worker's config

In the next step, navigate to your worker's config. Select the default mining client for mining Lyra2REv3 algorithm. You can find the list here along with the current estimated profitability.


The default configs for selected mining client will be loaded. It is very important that you don't forget to set algorithm parmeter along with wallet and pool tags.


-a lyra2v3 -o (POOL:LYRA-PROHASHING)⁣⁣ -p x -u (WALLET:PROHASHING)⁣⁣.(WORKER)⁣⁣​


--algo lyra2v3 --opencl-threads 2 --url (POOL:LYRA-PROHASHING)⁣⁣ --user (WALLET:PROHASHING)⁣⁣.(WORKER)⁣⁣ --pass x​


--algo lyra2rev3 -o (POOL:LYRA-PROHASHING)⁣⁣ -u (WALLET:PROHASHING)⁣⁣.(WORKER)⁣⁣ -p x​

You can repeat the process for any other coin, algorithm, or mining client options, just make sure that:

  • You are using correct stratum addresses;
  • You are using correct ports;
  • You have chosen correct mining client for your set up (Windows/Linux and AMD/Nvidia);
  • You have checked if mining client requires algorithm parameter and you have correctly updated it.
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