Why was coin or pool removed from listing?

There are different reasons why coin or pool can get removed from the listing:

  • Unavailable coin price
  • Missing essential data for reward calculation
  • API issues
  • Unreliable data

In some cases the system will remove the coin or pool on its own until we manually check it and correct the data display. In other cases, we will remove it until we gather more information about calculation discrepancies.

It is important to note, however, that removing coin or pool from the listing doesn't change anything for you.

  1. You can still mine this coin or pool if your hardware and mining client support it.
  2. The only thing that will change for you is reporting of estimated earnings. If a pool was removed, you will see estimated earnings of the coin instead of the pool (for example, you will see ETC instead of F2Pool ETC) - which should be pretty close anyway. If a coin was removed, you will see estimated earnings as 0.
  3. If you have set profit switch, the system won't switch to that coin or pool as a precaution - you wouldn't want to switch based on an outdated data.

How long does such removal last?

In most cases, coins and pools get relisted within a day after the problem or issue is resolved.

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