Unable to start Windows Node

If Windows Node is unable to start, this is because the main service cannot be started. There are few possible reasons for that.

Error #B001 or #B003

You can get this error if one of the following issues occured:

  • Incompatible hardware
  • Reserved port
  • Deleted or blocked main service file

The reason why the service isn't running is usually connected to the firewall or Windows Defender blocking it. In this case, in order to use Windows Node, you will need to whitelist the Windows Node application in your antivirus, Windows Defender, or firewall. If you whitelisted or disabled ativirus, Windows Defender, and firewall and you are still getting the same error, make sure to re-install minerstat Windows Node application as it could be that some important file was already deleted and is preventing you to run minerstat Windows Node.

Error #B002

This errors means your login file is corrupted. To solve it remove %localappdata%/minerstat folder.

Please note that we don't recommend mining on personal computers that operate with personal data.

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