How to set up Fusionsilicon ASIC?

You can monitor and manage Fusionsilicon's ASICs on minerstat with ASIC Hub.


ASIC Hub has the following features.

  • Installed on a separate computer (Linux, Mac, Raspberry Pi, or virtual machine on Windows), which works as a server and needs to be online all the time;
  • Only one install required for multiple machines;
  • Config change is applied without a reboot;
  • Requires uninstall only from one machine if you don't want to use it anymore.

Installation process

  1. Add new worker on minerstat dashboard.
  2. Open Linux, Mac, or Raspberry Pi computer and enter the following code to the terminal.
    Linux/Raspberry Pi: wget -O - | bash
    Mac: curl -L -s | bash -s
  3. Follow the steps in the wizard.
  4. ASIC should be online in few moments.
  5. To monitor and manage additional ASICs, you only need to add new workers to the dashboard.

Worker's config

After ASIC connects to minerstat for the first time, the config will be loaded and you will be able to manage and monitor it through your minerstat dashboard.

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