How to set up Ethminer?

Ethminer has a quite a long history - it was first known as Genoil's CUDA miner. Ethminer has OpenCL, CUDA, and stratum support and it can be used for mining coins that are based on Ethash algorithm, such as Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Metaverse, Pirl, and others. Ethminer can be used on both Nvidia and AMD rigs and it works on Windows and Linux mining systems. There is no fee for mining with Ethminer.

If you want to use Ethminer outside minerstat, you can download it through official sources:

How to set up Ethminer with minerstat?

In this guide, we will show you how to start mining ETHW with Ethminer on minerstat. The same procedure can be used for any other coin and because Ethminer commands are quite simple, you will only have to use a few clicks to set up mining for some other coin.

1. Address editor

Open address editor and save the the pool and the wallet for mining ETHW. In this case, we will save ETHW pool under (POOL:ETHW) tag and ETHW wallet under (WALLET:ETHW) tag.

2. Default mining client

Open worker's config and select ETHMINER as a default mining client.

3. ETHMINER config

Update the mining client's configuration so that it will be defined as:

-P stratum1+tcp://(WALLET:ETHW).(WORKER)@(POOL:ETHW) --report-hashrate

(WORKER) tag will be automatically replaced with your worker's name, so you don't have to change it. If you want to set up password, add :x between (WALLET:ETHW).(WORKER) tag and @ (with x being the value of your password). You can find more examples here.

4. Save changes

Save changes and wait for mining client to restart. You are now mining ETHW with Ethminer.

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