How to mine ERGO (ERG)?

In this guide we will show you how to set up ERGO mining with minerstat.


First, open the address editor and add a new tag (POOL:ERGO) which will hold the pool's stratum address. We'll be using Nanopool in our example. There are several locations available, so choose one of the following stratum addresses:


minerstat - ERG pool


In the next step you need to save your wallet address to your address editor. Create new tag (WALLET:ERGO) under wallets with your ERGO wallet address. For example: 88dhgzEuTXaSBHLJTHU5FArsrhjPe2sjA1HnnDbBDiAMjuQHw2B4JoR6Q68nJeK7dAFPUbYaFXStYWcE

minerstat - ERG wallet

Worker's config

In the next step, navigate to your worker's config. Select a default mining client that you want to use for mining ERGO and then use the simple or advanced configuration.

Select mining client

Click on the default mining client's name, search for ERG, and select preferred mining client. Mining clients that are grayed out are not available for your system and type of worker.

minerstat - ERG client

Simple config example

  • Coin: ERG
  • Pool: (POOL:ERGO)
  • Wallet: (WALLET:ERGO)
  • Password: x

minerstat - ERG config


To set up ERGO mining with TeamRedMiner, you can use the following configuration:

--algo autolykos2 -o (POOL:ERGO) -u (WALLET:ERGO).(WORKER) -p x --eth_dag_slowdown=9 --watchdog_script=/home/minerstat/minerstat-os/bin/ --eth_no_ramp_up
Did you know? TeamRedMiner allows users to mine ERGO and switch to ZIL when ZIL rounds come in. The configuration procedure is described in this guide.


To set up ERGO mining with NBMiner, you can use the following configuration:

-a ergo -o (POOL:ERGO) -u (WALLET:ERGO).(WORKER) -p x -long-format
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