ETH mining has stoppped

On the 15th of September 2022 ETH switched from the Proof-of-Work mechanism to the Proof-of-Stake mechanism - the event is called “the merge”. This also means that ETH isn’t mineable anymore and you will have to switch to some other coin.

What do you need to do?

  • Do your research about the new coin(s) you want to mine (ETC, ERG, RVN, NEOX, ...).
  • Prepare your new addresses for wallets and pools and make sure to test your new configurations.
  • Update and test all of your Scheduler profiles.
  • Update and test your profit switch settings.

What will happen with the last payout?

Each pool handles the payouts after the merge differently, so make sure to check your pool’s website to see if and when you are eligible for payout. You can find this information in the pool’s help or announcement section. If you don’t find it, use the pool’s support as minerstat support can’t help you regarding this. will handle it as described on the help page: After PoS we're going to check the transaction fee and if the transaction fee is less than the user's balance, we will withdraw the balance to the user according to the formula balance minus the transaction fee.

What to mine?

There are several options available to mine after ETH. Unfortunately, at this point, no one knows which option will be the most profitable. To learn about alternatives, you can read our blog post: What to mine after ETH goes to PoS?

The easiest switch for you would be to our ETC pool, but there are other alternatives available as well. You can find a list of pools for each coin on our coin profiles pages: ETC pools, RVN pools, ERG pools, BEAM pools, NEOX pools, FLUX pools, etc.

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