Differences in overclocking on Linux and Windows

Please note that the same overclocking settings on Windows and Linux won't always give the same results. This can be because of different factors, such as:

  • Different drivers;
  • Different mining clients;
  • The fact that OpenCL Linux and OpenCL Windows are different.

Even more, if you have set your settings to max on Windows, it almost certainly won't work on Linux on the first try. Because of that we suggest you to test your ClockTune settings thoroughly.

  1. Restore your BIOS back to original (One click BIOS, usually makes trouble)
  2. Create a new ClockTune profile.
  3. Start with the basic settings that give you stable results.
  4. Apply ClockTune profile to your worker.
  5. Slowly increase intensity in the ClockTune profile.
  6. You don't need to restart mining client or reboot the machine since as soon as command is received by the rig, it will update on the dashboard. You might need to wait around 30 seconds.

If you aren't able to reach the same results as on Windows, you can still try our Windows mining software.


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