How to check your GPU VRAM size?

VRAM or video RAM is a memory that is used by GPU for performing different tasks. Since some algorithms (especially Ethash, which is the algorithm of the most popular mining coin Ethereum) require a larger memory size to save and process the DAG file, some cards with lower VRAM can't mine these algorithms.

Note Keep in mind that computer's RAM (which is usually 8 GB or 16 GB) is not the same as GPU VRAM.

For example, ETH DAG size is way over 4 GB, so only the GPUs with VRAM 6 GB or more can mine ETH. On the other hand, ETC has much lower DAG size, so you can mine it with 4 GB GPUs as well.

You can check your GPU VRAM size through the Windows settings.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Select Display
  3. Navigate to the very bottom and find title Multiple displays
  4. Click on Advanced display settings
  5. Choose the "display" for which you want to check settings.
  6. Click on Display adapter properties for Display 1
  7. Under Dedicated Video Memory you will see the VRAM your GPU has.

Another method is to check via Task Manager.

  1. Open Task Manager (You can do it quickly by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Escape or by typing the executable's name in the Start Menu taskmgr.exe)
  2. If it opened in small view, press the More details button at the bottom of the opened window.
  3. Open the Performance tab
  4. At the bottom of the list on the left side, the GPUs are listed. Click onto the GPU you need to know the memory of.
  5. Look for Dedicated GPU memory statistic, which will show much Video Memory the card physically has and how much is being used at the moment.

For faster conversion:

  • 1024 MB = 1 GB
  • 2048 MB = 2 GB
  • 3072 MB = 3 GB
  • 4096 MB = 4 GB
  • 6144 MB = 6 GB
  • 8192 MB = 8 GB
  • 16384 MB = 16 GB
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