CPU mining

While minerstat supports CPU mining by running a different independent CPU client, we don't support CPU-only mining. All CPU clients are supported on both Windows mining software and Linux mining OS.

CPU mining software

You can use the following mining clients for your CPU:


How to set up CPU mining?

To turn on and set up CPU mining, you must first open your worker's config.

After that scroll down to the client's configuration section and find default CPU client option. Check it and select the default mining client for mining with your CPU. When you select a new client, a configuration box for that client will show and give you the option to set up the custom config for the CPU miner.

You will need to:

  • Define pool and wallet tags for the coin you wish to mine with CPU in the address editor.
  • Select pool and wallet tags or enter pool and wallet addresses to the mining client manually.
  • Check if the correct algorithm is entered in the algorithm's parameter. Note that CryptoNight algorithm has many variants and that the correct value must be entered for the selected coin.
  • Check if there are any other parameters you need to update.

When you save the changes, your mining client will restart and CPU mining will activate.

How to disable CPU mining?

To disable CPU mining, navigate to the worker's config and find default CPU client option on the client's configuration section. Select CPU mining disabled from the drop down and save changes. Make sure that the checkbox is checked when you save this option.


Getting started