Which yiimp pools are supported?

Yiimp is a pool framework developed by tpruvot that allows pool admins to set up a pool with suppot of different functionalities. You can read more about the system on tpruvot's official GitHub page.

There are several multi-algo pools we support, and a lot of them are based on yiimp.

  • Block Masters
  • zpool
  • Zergpool
  • A Hash Pool
  • icemining

You can set up mining at yiimp pool as on any other pool. If you want to quickly import the pools' stratum addresses, you can head to our pools partners page and download JSON that can be imported to the address editor. For pools that aren't our partners, you will need to enter the stratum addresses manually.

  • yiimp pools usually require the payout option to be set in the password in a form of c=BTC;
  • yiimp pools usually have a lot of different algorithms and coins available so always double check if you have entered correct port;
  • yiimp pools can be used in profit switch (find the link to tutorials on our pools partners page).

Yiimp miner

Mining on a yiimp mining pool can be done with any mining client. You only need to decide which system will you use - Windows or Linux - and then select the pool from our coins list to see which mining clients are available for mining this option.

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