How to mine DOGE?

With the recent increased popularity of world's most famous meme cryptocurrency - DOGE - miners are wondering how to mine Dogecoin. Here are things that you need to know about DOGE mining:

  • You can mine DOGE with special ASIC machines that are mining Scrypt algorithm. Check Scrypt miners
  • You can't mine DOGE with AMD or Nvidia GPUs*.
  • You can't mine DOGE with CPUs*.

*Theoretically, you could mine DOGE with GPUs or CPUs, but because the difficulty is so high and you are competing against ASIC machines, you wouldn't earn anything.

Set up DOGE mining

To set up DOGE mining on your ASIC machine, you will need:

  • DOGE pool (some pools allow you to merge mine LTC and DOGE)
  • DOGE wallet address

Mining different coins with GPUs and getting paid in DOGE

There are different services that allow you mining different coins with GPUs and getting paid in DOGE, such as:

  • unMineable
  • Zergpool
  • zpool
  • MiningPoolHub
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