minerstat vs. ethOS

minerstat is a professional software and dashboard
to monitor and manage mining farms of all sizes fom anywhere

Looking for ethOS alternative?

minerstat is the ideal ethOS alternative to improve monitoring and management of your mining rigs. It offers advanced features like a control room, alerts, triggers, profit switch, and is available as Linux mining OS, Windows node and ASIC node. You can test it for free for 2 rigs for as long as you like and see for yourself if minerstat fits your needs.

Compare minerstat vs ethOS

minerstat offers various unique features for small, medium, and large GPU and ASIC farms

Remote management
Profit switch
Overclocking & undervolting
E-mail notifications
Telegram notifications
Mobile app notifications
Triggers Custom automatic action when critical event occurs
Balance monitoring
Multi-user access
Customers management
Public profile
Control room Organize your workers to visually fit your actual establishment
Scheduler Use as a manager's fee or to change mining profile at a certain time

Compare prices: minerstat vs ethOS

minerstat offers very competitive prices from 1.6 USD per worker per month for annual subscriptions

Software Usage of all company's software
9 - 49 USD
per worker
Free access to web dashboard For managing and monitoring of your mining devices
Up to 2 workers forever
Paying access to web dashboard For managing and monitoring of your mining devices
1.6 - 2.0 USDper worker per month
10 workers for 1 year
192 USD
290 USD
100 workers for 1 year
1,920 USD
1,900 USD
1,000 workers for 1 year
19,200 USD
9,000 USD
For subscription duration
For number of workers
Official invoice
Receipt only
PayPal payment
Crypto payment

Compare software: minerstat vs ethOS

minerstat offers all kinds of software for managing and monitoring of your mining devices

Web dashboard for monitoring and management
Linux based mining OS for GPU rigs AMD and Nvidia support
Windows based mining GUI AMD and Nvidia support
ASIC monitoring Baikal, Antminer, DragonMint, Innosilicon, Dayun support
Android app for monitoring
iOS app for monitoring

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