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Manage your crypto mining operation of any size from anywhere. Compatible with GPUs and ASICs.

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Software for your GPU rigs and ASICs

Everything your operation needs for seamless mining

Linux mining OS

Mining OS for Nvidia and AMD rigs. Requires at least 8GB USB; recommended USB 3.0 16 GB.

  • 35 mining clients
  • 34+ supported GPUs
  • 400+ supported coins
Mining OS

Windows mining

Light-weight Windows mining GUI for your Nvidia and AMD rigs.

  • 35 mining clients
  • 34+ supported GPUs
  • 400+ supported coins
Windows mining

ASIC monitoring

Monitoring software for your ASIC machines and tools for bulk managing.

  • Antminer monitoring
  • 35+ supported ASICs
  • 100+ supported coins
ASIC monitoring

Here is how minerstat will benefit your mining operation

Features that increased industry standards

Alerts & Triggers

Never miss an important event with the alerting system for e-mail, Telegram, and mobile app and automatic triggers that take action right away.

Overclock & Undervolt

Overclock or undervolt your Nvidia and/or AMD GPUs by setting all important parameters to reach the most optimal and efficient mining.

Profit switch

Set up the coins or algorithms and set conditions to tune the profit switch to fit your needs.

Control room

Organize your workers in the control room to visually fit your actual establishment and monitor your heat map.

Live diagnostic & 24h logs

Check your 24h logs to see what was going on with your mining establishment or monitor live diagnostic.

Multi-user access

Grant access to your team members or manage customers' workers remotely.

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Mining managers

Browse through mining managers directory and find perfect co-location, supplier, or rig optimizer in your area.

Invictus Mining

We provide full service for small and medium size miners. We are starting in february 2019 big project located in big Czech power plant that will enable new miners great services and new opportunities. For private offers just contact us.

100,000 capacity
Prague, Czech Republic
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Benchmark is a new tool introduced by minerstat just recently and it is already amongst the most used tools on the dashboard. Benchmark is something that needs to be both, simple and complex. Simple, because it is often used for finding. . . - Universal sandbox pool
for miners and mining client developers - Universal sandbox pool for miners and mining client developers

At the end of 2018, we made a draft and design of our new upcoming tool - benchmark. We knew. . .

Dayun monitoring Dayun monitoring

Another manufacturer between ASICs is Dayun. In this tutorial, we will show you how to monitor your Dayun ASIC. ASIC Hub currently supports the following Dayun models: Dayun Zig Z1 for Lyra2REv2 mining; Dayun Zig Z1+ for Lyra2REv2 mining. If. . .

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