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Effortlessly fine-tune your GPUs with integrated overclocking, underclocking, and undervolting tools, including BIOS flasher, autotune, rxboost, and AMD Memory Tweak.

Optimize Your Earnings

Automate the most profitable coin or algorithm selection using our advanced profit switch feature. Compatible with popular pools like F2Pool, Hiveon, Nanopool, NiceHash, Binance, and more.

Ensure Peak Performance

Maintain top performance using custom event-based triggers, scripts, and hardware watchdogs. Our OS also includes internal watchdogs for added reliability.

Monitor Your Mining Operation

Quickly identify hotspots in your mining facility and locate offline machines with our heatmap visualization.

Resolve Issues Efficiently

Stay informed with over 800 error and event logs, and diagnose and fix problems on the go using our diagnostic tools.

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Set up automated health checks and receive notifications on critical events via email, Telegram, and our mobile app (available for iOS & Android).

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Minerstat gives me a good centralized ...
Minerstat gives me a good centralized management dashboard to view and control all my miners. It provides me with a good birds eye view of all my rigs in one view. It allows me to drill down and make custom configurations to one or many rigs at a time as well. There are many more features, you have to try it for yourself.
Elvin A.
Super easy to use
Super easy to use, super user friendly, love that I can change settings from the website on my phone when on the go. Highly recommended :)
F. Bernor
The overall usability of Minerstat is super simple and effective.
The overall usability of Minerstat is just super simple and effective. I love the benchmark tool although there is improvements that can be easily done to make it even better. The Windows app and the bootable Linux app works like a charm too.
J. Vand
Took a moment to get used to but the ...
Took a moment to get used to but the support staff is solid with a quick response time and theyll help you get your mining gear on track if you ever get stuck on something. From there its pretty straight forward, informative dashboard, every feature you can think of and tutorials on how to use them. not to mention the competitive pricing. you really cant go wrong with minerstat
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ASIC Hub 3.0
20th Apr 2023
ASIC Hub 3.0

We are introducing a new version of ASIC Hub. The older ASIC Hub 2. 0 version worked only as a CLI for Linux, Mac, and Raspberry Pi devices, which was efficient but harder to maintain and manage. The new ASIC Hub 3. 0 version is based on...

How mining pool downtime can affect your profitability
10th Apr 2023
How mining pool downtime can affect your profitability

As a cryptocurrency miner, your profitability depends on several factors and one of them is the mining pool you use. Mining pools...

What to mine after Ethereum moves to PoS?
20th Aug 2022
What to mine after Ethereum moves to PoS?

Even though the rumors about having only a few months of mining left and that the ETH is soon moving from Proof-of-Work to a Proof-of-Stake scheme roamed...

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Linux Mining OS

Achieve exceptional mining performance with our state-of-the-art Linux Mining OS, featuring the latest drivers for your Nvidia and AMD mining setups.

  • 30+ mining clients
  • 40+ supported GPUs
  • 500+ supported coins
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Windows Mining

Seamlessly manage your Nvidia and AMD rigs with our lightweight Windows GUI miner.

  • 30+ mining clients
  • 50+ supported GPUs
  • 500+ supported coins
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ASIC Monitoring

Easily monitor your ASICs using our intuitive ASIC Hub, complete with a range of tools for bulk management.

  • 10+ manufacturers
  • 100+ supported ASICs
  • 400+ supported coins
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Build a branded public profile for your clients, providing real-time insights into their mining activities.

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Easily manage remote accounts for your team members or individual clients.

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Access and control your minerstat data from the dashboard using our comprehensive public and private APIs.

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