Invictus Mining

Invictus Mining

Prague, Czech Republic

We provide full service for small and medium size miners. We are starting in february 2019 big project located in big Czech power plant that will enable new miners great services and new opportunities. For private offers just contact us.

Hosting capacity
AMD, Nvidia
minerstat qualified


Mining performance optimization

Overclocking, undervolting, benchmarking, mining clients selection, profit switch optimization

Mining rigs and ASIC assembly

Hardware assembly and software preparation

Hardware hosting and colocation services

Reserved space for hosting of your rigs with efficient cooling system

Cloud mining

Option to hire machines for certain time period

Remote control

Available for remote managing of rigs and mining machines.


Various supplies and replacement parts for mining machines and rigs.


Hardware upgrades and repairs for mining machines and rigs.


Professional care and cleaning of mining machines and rigs.