How to set up Baikal ASIC?

You can monitor and manage Baikal's ASICs on minerstat with ASIC Hub SSH.

Note If we add ASIC Hub (Non-SSH) support, we will properly update this page when available.


ASIC Hub (SSH) is supported on older Baikal ASICs with SSH support.

  • Installed directly on ASIC;
  • Bulk install available from Windows, Linux, and Mac;
  • Config change is followed by a reboot;
  • Requires uninstall from each machine if you don't want to use it anymore.

Installation process

  1. Add new worker on minerstat dashboard.
  2. Use PuTTY or Termius to SSH login to your ASIC.
  3. Enter sudo su to get in the correct directory.
  4. Run the installation script with your access key and worker's name: cd /tmp && wget -O && chmod 777 *.sh && sh ACCESS_KEY WORKER_NAME
  5. ASIC should be online in few moments.
  6. To monitor and manage additional ASICs, you need to install ASIC Hub on other machines as well or use bulk install scripts.

Worker's config

After ASIC connects to minerstat for the first time, the config will be loaded and you will be able to manage and monitor it through your minerstat dashboard.

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